Carrierless Processing of Ultra-thin TSV Wafers

DCS solution enables standard Silicon wafers to be thinned down to 50µm and less without the use of any supporting devices providing full backside processing capability. This is achieved by a simple configuration of the wafer that allows the wafer to be thin and mechanically rigid at the same time.

DCS technology offers cost savings of at least 50% or more as compared to competitive technologies. The whole wafer can be tested from both sides. Thus a full characterization of the wafer is feasible prior to assembly.
Doublecheck's wafer design and process is based on existing tools and processes of DISCO's “TAIKO® Series” and allows for the full use and implementation of existing backside processes.
Doublecheck applies a patent pending design to the TAIKO® wafer at the outer rim to provide dissipation of fluids out of the “basin-like wafer”. Doublecheck's wafer design enables all wet processes from resist spinning to wet etch processes. A uniform coating at lithography and superior surface characteristics at wet processes are achieved. DCS technology is a new cost effective solution for handling and processing of thin wafers down to 50µm and less with standard tools in existing manufacturing lines.

• Carrierless Ultra-thin Wafer Handling
• Cost savings of more than 50%
   compared to competitive technologies
• Two side testing at wafer level
• Cumulative yield issue solved by KGD
• Utilization of existing production-proven equipment
• Adhesives, carrier wafers, bonding and
   de-bonding equipment are no more necessary
• High temperature budget
• Full wet processing capability
• Excellent heat transfer from chuck to wafer
• No change in the outer wafer dimension