This website is under construction and will become the presence of ISR - Industrial Science and Research.
None the less refer to the current content to review our history and projects.

Doublecheck Semiconductors GmbH is a privately held IP driven development company that specializes in emerging technologies, originally founded in 2009 in Singapore and moved to Berlin in 2010.

Its founders realized the need for fab-less process development and fabrication tailored for semiconductors, MEMS, microfluidics, and more recently the solar industry.

Development work traditionally done at semiconductor production foundries is frequently slow, limited and difficult. The alternative of maintaining fabrication facilities by individual companies have proven to be expensive, resulting as an entry barrier for startups and as sizable opportunity costs for larger companies with facilities focused on optimization and production.

The solution was to form a company that could offer the resources and expertise these emerging technologies need to succeed by a timely manner at reasonable costs.

Doublecheck Semiconductors has become this company, offering its premier services globally for startups and large corporations. We have successfully pioneered fab-less development programs and have created full solutions ranging up to low volume production for a number of companies.
Our talented technical team and flexible fabrication facilities are well capable of developing concepts into viable products.
Our resulting success has been to serve clients worldwide, while maintaining our respected reputation for crafting working prototypes and providing continued support for varying levels of device production and improvement.